Prepare For Internet Live Auctions With 4 Easy Steps

Over the past decade, auction houses have begun offering people the opportunity to participate in online live auctions. Placing a bid online offers more flexibility than the traditional in-person bidding, but still has the same flexibility potential to cause confusion.

With thoughtful preparation, prospective bidders can forgo the confusion and begin benefitting from live auctions online.

Step 1: Register Well Before the Auction

Although it is easy to register for access to online live auction sites, many auction houses will require you to go through additional steps before you are approved to bid online. So instead of waiting until an hour or two before the auction, register no later than several days in advance.

By registering early, you are giving yourself a buffer zone in which you can address any problems that may arise with your account. This is particularly important for people who are looking to purchase big-ticket items such as real estate or farm equipment.

Another benefit to registering early is it makes it easier for you to watch video of live auctions. Many sellers limit their videos to people who are registered.

Step 2: Ask Questions in Advance

If you are bidding on an expensive item or an item for which you are passionate, it is likely that you will have questions for the seller. However, it is important to remember that sellers at online live auctions are dealing with both in-person questions and Internet questions.

To make sure that your question is answered in time, email the seller a week or two before the auction begins. This way you will have plenty of time to discuss your concerns such as payment arrangements, the condition of the item, and its authenticity.

Step 3: Decide How You Want to Bid

Most sites give you the option to place either an absentee bid or a live bid. You place an absentee bid prior to the start of the auction and an automated bidding system will bid for you up to your maximum bid. In contrast, you submit live bids throughout the auction.

Once live bidding begins, you will not be able to submit an absentee bid. Absentee bidding online can be useful when you don’t have the ability to stay in front of your computer. On the other hand, live bidding tends to be more exciting because it gives you more options.

Step 4: Test Your System Requirements

Internet live auction sites should provide a list of what you need on your computer in order to bid online. There is nothing more frustrating than logging in to an auction site to make a bid only to discover that your version of Java is out of date.

The best way to make sure you have everything you need is to register and watch a real time auction. If you encounter any problems, reputable sites that have toll-free phone and email support.

Live auctions are one of the best ways to find unique items without spending a lot of money. From movie memorabilia to antique furniture, the live auction experience offers a wide array of items for every interest and budget.

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