Autoresponder Software: How To Choose An Automatic Email Responder For Your Internet Marketing?

Finding the Right Autoresponder

Finding the right autoresponder can be a time consuming task as there are many choices available in the market, each with different features and price range.

So it is important that you consider your budget and requirements when deciding on which autoresponder to buy.

The purpose of this article is to give a balanced and objective review of the issues involved in choosing an autoresponder.

Following are the most important issues to consider when choosing an autoresponder:

1. What are your needs and the features you required?

2. What are the types of autoresponders available in the market?

3. Which type of autoresponder is right for you?

4. What are the available brandnames in the market?

5. Comparison of different brandnames including features, price range and licensing restrictions.

What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder can be defined as a program that sends out a single automatic reply in response to an email to a specific email address.

Many of us have either received an autoresponder message or used one before. Examples are messages like: “I am on vacation” or “I received your email.”

Most web hosts offer this type of single-reply autoresponder free in the email accounts that come with their hosting package.

The problem with this type of autoresponder is that it is designed to send out only a simple one-message reply to whatever emails it receives.

This is often not enough to maintain the continued contact or to deliver the content you want to offer your visitors.

Besides, it also lacks some important features needed to do proper follow-ups.

For example, it cannot add prospects to a subscriber list and then send them a series of personalized, follow-up messages.

This brings us to another program known as a “sequential” autoresponder.

What is a Sequential Autoresponder?

A sequential autoresponder is a program that is designed to collect email addresses and then send out a series of pre-written messages via emails to the list of subscribers on a predefined intervals.

A well-known “fact” that is often quoted by internet marketers states that it takes an average of seven (7) contacts to close a sale.

A sequential autoresponder, if used correctly, can make your site “sticky” by reminding your visitors to come back for more visits.

Since most people often refer to a “sequential autoresponder” as an “autoresponder” (by omitting the term “sequential”), we shall adopt the same naming convention here. So the term “autoresponder” used hereinafter refers to a “sequential autoresponder”.

Types of Autoresponders

There are many different types of autoresponders in the market, from web-based autoresponder services to proprietary programs or scripts that run from your own web server or computer.

Since an autoresponder is likely to be a central part of your online business, it is worth your while to do some research to find the type of autoresponder that meets your major requirements. This will save your a lot of time and money in the long run.

The types of autoresponder in the market can be broadly classified into three types as follows:

1. Remotely-hosted autoresponders i.e., those hosted on and work from someone else’s website.

2. Locally-hosted autoresponders i.e., programs that work from your own web server.

3. Desktop-hosted autoresponders i.e., programs that work from your own workstation or computer.

It is important that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of different types of autoresponders before deciding on which one to choose for your online business.

How Your Autoresponder Email Service Will Provide a Tool for Sending Out Unlimited Follow Up Emails

The Power of an Autoresponder Email Service

How your Autoresponder Email Service will provide a powerpacked and very effective tool for capturing user sign ups, sending out unlimited marketing follow up emails and even newsletter to jump start your sales, your profits and internet traffic tremendously

One of the most powerful and successfully internet marketing concepts is the “Follow up Autoresponder Email Service”. The term sounds futuristic but once we break it down, we will see that a follow up autoresponder email service is a wonderful tool for not only saving us a tremendous amount of labor but in bringing in a flood of new business and revenue that is gathered virtually without our effort. So in this article we will answer the following questions:

What is an Autoresponder Email Service?
What are the advantages of using a Follow up Autoresponder Email Service?
What ways are there for me to use a Follow UP Autoresponder Email Service?
How do I get started?
What is a Follow up Autoresponder Email Service?
In a nutshell, an Autoresponder is a tool that automatically sends a pre-determined email to your customers as a response to something your customer did. The action taken by the customer that causes the autoresponder to start working is called the “trigger”.You do not have to monitor the emails that are sent. Because you set up the text and techniques the emails will be sent, you know it is right and fits your marketing plan.

What are the advantages of using a Follow up Autoresponder Email Service?

The Follow up Autoresponder Email Service is a tremendous tool for saving you the time and tedious work of responding personally to the many inquiries you may get through your web site. But there are many additional advantages to using an Autoresponder tool.

There is a documented increase in sales and revenue when you implement a Follow up Autoresponder Email Service.
An autoresponder email gives you something every business needs and that is consistency in how your customers are handled.
Your competition is using them. By competing with the same tools and weapons they are using, you have a fighting chance of winning the market share you deserve.
And probably the best reason for using a Follow up Autoresponder Email Service is that it gives your customers the best customer service that can be provided in an online setting.
What ways are there for me to use a Follow up Autoresponder Email Service?
The creative ways we can use this tool can be truly amazing. In that way, it’s a good thing the internet community has already done so much to develop these internet marketing tools. The creativity others have put into how to successfully utilize a Follow Up Autoresponder Email Service is really impressive and gives the rest of us plenty to start with in developing our use of these tools. Some of the outstanding ways that Autoresponders can be used to increase sales are…

The Follow up Autoresponder Email Service you will help you build your list of contacts and sales leads.
You can use your autoresponder to automatically send out your price list, current promotions and catalog emails to the customers.
You can use the Autoresponder system to generate “free” offers to your customers. You can publish a survey using the Autoresponder Email that goes out.
Send your FAQ (frequently Asked Questions) page directly to the customer.
The Follow Up Autoresponder Email can be used to get testimonials to your customers so they see that people just like them are happy with your products and services
You can actually publish a weekly newsletter or e-zine and use your Follow up Autoresponder Email to increase the circulation of that tool.
You can allow your customers to order your e-book on your web site and use the Follow up Autoresponder Email Service mechanism deliver your e-book.
You can use or your follow up autoresponder email service to send out product, installation instructions, shipping details or any other sales related detail that you know your customers will need related to their order from your web site.
As you can see, the variety and creativity that you can use to make Follow up Autoresponder Email Services is limited only by your ingenuity and imagination. That is one reason that this tool has become such a widely used and very effective internet marketing device.

How do I get started?

There are a number of excellent companies in cyberspace that can support your autoresponder needs. The costs are negligible especially compared to the tremendous value and return in terms of greater traffic, sales and customer count that the use of auto responders brings.

It’s a good idea as you begin to look into which Follow up Autoresponder Email Service you wish to use to start thinking about how you will set up your first few autoresponder messages. The service itself will make the set up process easy and fun but you will have some decisions to make including…

Who will be your target audience and what would you like your autoresponder to encourage them to do?
What will “trigger” your autoresponder? The trigger is the event that causes your pre-written Follow up Autoresponder Email Service to send out the email and materials to your customer. An autoresponder can be triggered in quite a few ways including an incoming inquiry email, a “click here” offer on your web page, information returned from a previous email, completing an online activity on your site such as a survey, etc.
What kind of delay will you want to impose on your autoresponder? The set up of your Follow up Autoresponder Email will give you the ability to control those timings.
The important thing is that just by reading through this essay and starting th

Email Automatic Responder: 3 Major Types of Autoresponders for Your Internet Marketing

Comparing 3 Major Types of Autoresponders

All autoresponders currently available in the market may be classified into three major types as follows:

1. Remotely-hosted autoresponders

2. Locally-hosted autoresponders, and

3. Desktop-hosted autoresponders.

Locally/desktop hosted autoresponders have several important advantages over remotely-hosted ones.

By hosting the autoresponder on your own website, you have complete control over the program.

You can have unlimited number of autoresponders with your own domain name inside e.g., [email protected], which matches your domain name (

If your autoresponder is remotely hosted, you will not be able to get an autoresponder that matched your domain name.

Instead, you will most likely get one that looks like: [email protected].

Notice by having your own domain name in the email address, it makes it much clearer to your potential subscribers that you are sending them messages, and your messages will not be treated as spams.

Another advantage of having your domain name in the email address is you can conceal the fact that you are using an autoresponder to send your prospects messages.

This makes it difficult for people to tell whether or not you are sending them messages using an autoresponder!

Imagine what your subscribers may think if they start receiving emails from the email address [email protected] trying to promote something on your website with the domain name (with an email address like [email protected]).

They know right away they are receiving messages from an autoresponder.

If you are a subscriber, would you like to receive messages from an autoresponder?

Or do you prefer to receive messages from a real person who gives you individual attention?

I think you would prefer a real person right?

By having an autoresponder with your own domain name inside, it makes it less obvious that you are using an autoresponder.

Besides, it also projects an image of professionalism in your website.

However, if you are just starting out and have a limited budget on how much you are willing to spend initially, then a remotely hosted autoresponder may be cheaper in the short term.

However, in the medium to long term, it is likely to be more expensive as the monthly charges quickly add up.

So if you are in this situation, I suggest that you start with a remotely hosted autoresponder first.

As soon as you have save up enough capital, invest in a locally-hosted autoresponder.

It is worthwhile for you to do so, as you can enjoy more features and more effective responses in your online marketing campaign.

There are many remotely hosted autoresponders on internet. Examples: Getresponse, Aweber, etc.

You can go to their websites to find out more and to sign up.

Important Features to Look Out for in An Autoresponder

In this section, we list down the important features in an autoresponder. You can use the list to decide on which type of autoresponder is suitable for you.

1. Must use the host’s domain name in your autoresponder.

2. Monthly fee.

3. Restriction on number of autoresponder.

4. Restriction on number of follow-up messages.

5. Restriction on number of subscribers.

6. Restriction on number of domains or copies.

7. Restriction on import or export of databases.

8. Require 24 hr dedicated PC and internet access.

9. Difficulty in setting up.

10. Problem in handling large mailing list.

11. Host dependency.

12. Problem in customization.

13. Other Useful features.

Disadvantages of A Remotely-Hosted Autoresponder

Remotely hosted autoresponders have the following disadvantages:

1. You cannot use your own domain name in the autoresponder.

2. You must pay a monthly fee.

3. Some have restrictions on the number of autoresponders, number of follow-up messages and number of subscribers.

4. You are limited to only one copy of the program.

5. Limit on import or export of database.

6. Little room for customization.

Disadvantages of A Locally-Hosted Autoresponder

Locally hosted autoresponders have the following disadvantages:

1. Some limit you to a certain no. of domains you can install.

2. Some technical knowledge is required for the setting up of the script. This is not a problem if the vendor provides free installation.

3. The script is host-dependent in the sense that it needs to use your server’s resources.

4. Less features than the remotely-hosted type.

Disadvantages of A Desktop-Hosted Autoresponder

Desktop autoresponders have the following disadvantages:

1. Some limit you to a certain number of copies of the software you can install.

2. Require 24 hr around-the-clock internet access with dedicated PC.

3. Some technical knowledge is required for the setting up of the script. This is not a problem if the vendor provides free installation.

4. The script is host-dependent in the sense that it needs to use your server’s resources.

5. It is not suitable for very large mailing list.

6. Less features than the remotely-hosted type.

Do you want to know which is the best autoresponder for your online

Autoresponders, Why You Need and How to Use Them

When it comes to making money in email marketing, there is one tool that is essential to your success.

In fact, it’s one of the ONLY tools that you need to start building targeted email lists in your niche market.

Of course, we’re talking about autoresponders.

With an autoresponder, you’re able to automate the entire process of building and monetizing your email lists. In addition, using this automation system, you can begin to build valuable relationships with your subscribers, enforcing a positive brand message with every email.

Without an autoresponder, you’ll be stuck manually emailing a database of leads and as you can imagine, not only is that extremely time consuming but managing your list would be a complete nightmare!

You know yourself that the only way to truly maximize your income online, while minimizing your workload is in your ability to streamline your business and automate as many tasks as possible.

In order to do this, you need to be able to communicate with your audience on complete autopilot so that you can your time is free to spend on growing your business and your brand.

So, how can you begin to automate your list building while being able to maximize your list profits instantly?

This special report outlines the key essentials to setting up a powerful autoresponder campaign that will drive in leads and effectively build a positive brand in your market.

We’ll show you what autoresponder services are available, what your options are, and how to make the best decision based on your overall goals.

So without further delay, let’s get started!

Why You Need An Autoresponder

If you’re serious about your online business, you know that in order to be successful and develop a business based on long-term profitability, you need to free up your time and resources so they can be better spent expanding your business.

There are only so many hours in the day and in order to dominate your market and expand your sales system, your time should be spent creating new products, enhancing your websites with additional monetization channels, and on promoting your business.

So, that leaves a very important task unfinished. Building your list and relationships with subscribers.

This is why autoresponders are such an important part of your business. With an autoresponder, you can instantly greet new subscribers and begin the relationship-building phase, without having to spend any time doing it! Your autoresponder will take care of everything for you!

As you probably know, the top leaders and authorities in your market make their money because of ONE main component that helps them stand out and make more money than ever before.

They rely on the relationships they’ve developed to further their business and maximize their income. They’ve worked hard to build valuable relationships with their subscribers and customers and they’ve done this through the use of autoresponders. Without an autoresponder they simply would NEVER have the time to expand their business!

Imagine marketing to a group of 1,000 customers by emailing each one individually. It would take hours and hours just to touch base with your subscribers and at the end of the day, chances are only a small fraction of your direct emails would ever make it to their inbox!

Now, consider the advantage of using an autoresponder service that can contact your entire subscriber base within minutes – all with a click of the mouse (or set it up on COMPLETE auto pilot and it will automatically email your subscribers on predetermined times or dates!).

Not only will you be able to stay in constant communication with your subscribers, but you’ll finally be able to take advantage of “automation monetization”, by combining content based emails, which offer valuable free information, along with promotional based campaigns that trigger an avalanche of orders!

Securing Your Autoresponder Marketing System

You should now understand the importance of an autoresponder when used as part of your marketing strategy. So, the next step is to choose your autoresponder service provider.

While there are many different options available to you in terms of the type of autoresponder you use, it’s recommended that you choose a professional account that is hosted by a third party company.

Here’s why:

Should you choose to host your own autoresponder software, you are opening yourself up to many potential problems, including:

Spam Complaints

You will have to be on the look-out for spam complaints that come in both directly, and to your ISP. Since you’re hosting your own autoresponder, if a subscriber feels that you are emailing them without consent, they may contact both your hosting provider and your Internet service provider leaving you at risk of losing your accounts.

Ensuring Compliance

By hosting your autoresponder with a professional service you are guaranteed that your emails are compliant with the SPAM-CAN act of 2003.

Higher Delivery Rates

Professional autoresponder companies are experts at ensuring high delivery so that your emails make their way to your subscriber’s inbox. If you host an autoresponder on your own, you may find that your delivery rates are very low, or that your emails wind up in peoples spam folders, where they do you no good.

Extended Features

The majority of professional autoresponder providers offer a variety of important tools and resources that make it easy for you to tweak your campaigns and maximize open rates, and response rates (which equate to more money for you!).

Included with most professional autoresponder providers are tools such as the ability to split test, monitor performance, as well as the ability to segment and target different parts of your overall list. These are all important features in order to maximize your email marketing results.

There are many other reasons why a professional autoresponder service is the best choice for your email marketing, including:

Unlimited Mailing Lists

With a professional autoresponder provider, you’ll be able to create an unlimited number of campaigns and mailing lists, giving you the opportunity to target specific segments of your market as well as venture into as many different niches as you wish!

Advanced Segmenting

If you really want to maximize response rates, you’ll want to segment your lists so that you’re able to connect with specific subscriber groups. For example, if you were promoting a product geared towards beginners, you could target only those who have indicated that they are new to the business. You do this through “list segmenting”, which utilizes demographics to categorize subscribers and break them down into specific, identifiable groups.

Siphon Trust & Credibility

Many of your potential subscribers may not feel comfortable joining a mailing list that is managed or handled by an unknown source. People don’t want their sensitive or personal information shared or distributed beyond their consent and so by hosting your mailing list with a professional and well-known autoresponder provider, you won’t have to worry about potential subscribers being concerned about how their information is stored.

Another consideration is whether you should pay for an autoresponder service or take advantage of free account offers.

The upside to this is that you can start building your email lists instantly without any start-up costs involved, however the downside is that with the majority of free autoresponder offers, your messages will carry third-party ads that may hinder your ability to monetize your own campaigns.

In addition, you’ll put yourself at risk of not being taken seriously as subscribers will see that you are using free services, rather than a professional autoresponder account. When it comes to making money online with email marketing, it’s always wise to invest in your financial future by securing a professional autoresponder account.

So, which provider should you choose?

In the next segment of this special report, we’ll take a look at the different options available to you so that you can choose the best fit for your business and budget.

Top Autoresponder Providers

Choosing an autoresponder provider is an important decision because once you’ve begun to build a mailing list, it’s not always easy to transfer your contacts over to a new provider.

While the majority of professional autoresponder providers offer the option to “export” your database of leads and then “import” them into a new autoresponder account, all of your subscribers will have to re-confirm their desire to be on your mailing list and as you can imagine, for this reason alone it won’t be easy to transfer everyone over.

So, with this in mind you’ll want to spend some time evaluating the top autoresponder providers online so you can make the very best choice for your future in email marketing.

To get started, we’ve provided you with a comparison chart that outlines the top 5 autoresponder providers online. We will then take a closer look at how autoresponder providers differ and what they have to offer.

Keep in mind that autoresponder pricing works on a tier based structure, where you pay based on the number of subscribers you have so as your list grows, you can expect your monthly charges to change.

Get Response, available at was founded in 1998 and is a leader in autoresponder marketing. You can get in for free by taking advantage of their new account option, however for just $9.95 a month, you’ll be able to grow a list of up to 250 contacts.

Aweber, available at was also founded in 1998 and has a solid reputation within the email marketing arena as being a quality and reliable tool for marketers. With high delivery rates and extended features that include segmenting and split testing, you’ll have access to all of the tools you need to maximize performance.

Constant Contact, available at offer a free trial for the first 60 days, giving you the opportunity to experience their service and guarantee of customer satisfaction with no upfront costs involved. You can then upgrade your account based on your subscriber units for as little as $15 a month.

iContact, available at offers a wide range of features with a low monthly budget plan for beginner marketers with smaller lists. You can easily upgrade in the event your list grows quickly for as little as $9.95 a month.

Autoresponse Plus, available at offers a full scale autoresponder script that you can host on your own services for a one time payment of just $197.00. With this script you’re able to install your own autoresponder portal, with additional features included such as social media integration and link tracking.

Moving Forward

Your next step is to secure a professional autoresponder account of your own, so that you can begin to build and monetize your email lists.

Spend some time browsing through the feature overview lists on the top autoresponder provider websites and choose the provider that best suits your needs. Then, once you’ve secured your own au